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Viewmax will help you make the most of your company’s security camera system. We provide off-site video management that permits access to all your security cameras from the browser on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

When you log into your private, secure ViewMax portal, you gain access to a fully scalable web-based video monitoring and recording system.

Whether you want to create time-lapse videos to document job-site progress or improve the surveillance measures around your property, Viewmax can help.

WORRY-FREE SURVEILLANCE 24/7: You’ll never have to worry about storage space again with our complete end-to-end online video solution.

SEAMLESS, SCALABLE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY: Maintain quick access to all connected cameras, recordings, plus valuable web analytics and metrics data.

A TRUSTED SERVICE: Our clients have been using our cloud-based video services since 2001. Viewmax is the ultimate remote project management tool!

REDUCED COSTS: The offsite storage of video files eliminates the need for additional hardware maintenance and security measures.

INCREASED ACCESSIBILITY: Advances in cloud computing and remote playback capabilities allow employees everywhere to access the same video footage.

DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS: We serve an ever-widening range of organizations and individuals in diverse fields such as construction, property development, real estate, utilities, environmental studies, science and the arts.

Featured Time-Lapse

Time lapse is a technique where video frames are captured at a much slower rate. It’s an effective technique for presenting long, drawn-out processes in a speedy way (the construction of a building, the growth of a plant, etc.). It is used creatively to depict the passage of time.

Instead of capturing the standard 24 frames per second (30 fps is also common), time-lapse video will shoot only 1 or 2 frames. The frequency of your recording depends on the desired effect. Viewmax can help you establish the proper guidelines for your project.

For example, a 1 second shot every 15 - 20 minutes would be suitable for capturing an event over several months. Don’t worry; with Viewmax, you’ll have all the memory you need.

A Smart Monitoring System That Fits Your Business!

Our hosted video service offers web-based video surveillance with no onsite video storage. There is no DVR to maintain and no equipment to worry about being stolen.

Project Management

A time-lapse video of your construction project can help with planning future projects. It is the perfect tool for showcasing the scope of work involved to any potential clients. Avoid scheduling problems, delays and disputes by referencing condensed videos of your company’s past projects.

Dispute Resolution

For long-term construction projects, time-lapse videos with time-stamped frames allow developers and contractors to review the whole process accurately. This can be useful when resolving contractual disputes such as insurance claims or sub-contractor disagreements.

Scientific Research

Time-lapse video helps scientists increase their understanding and knowledge of natural phenomena. Viewmax offers a cost-effective method for gathering the video streams on a single platform for further investigation and analysis.


Time lapse is a useful technique for documenting environmental events such as tides, seasons, erosion, deforestation, pollution and biological growth. Time-lapse videos can be used for education, monitoring or environmental impact assessment purposes. Viewmax makes your videos accessible from any computer.


Live video feeds and time-lapse videos attract visitors to your website. Resorts, travel companies and sports facilities can gain a competitive advantage by adding video content to their website. With Viewmax, it’s easy to plug in a live or recorded feed that will impress your potential clients.


Viewmax helps kinetic artists create content and visually document their work. Artists looking to record images for their multi-media art installations prefer Viewmax because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

What Viewmax Offers

Managed Video as a Service

Managed Video as a Service provides live online video coverage of any location where you have cameras. Viewmax can help you overcome your current bandwidth limitations and resolution requirements.

      • Video can be recorded in standard, high or megapixel resolution.
      • Pixel resolution, time frame and frames per second (FPS) can be customized for each video feed.
      • No additional software is needed for remote access, just a high-speed broadband connection.
      • Viewmax ensures your video surveillance/recording system is expandable as required.

The MVaaS service is ideal for those who wish to outsource the maintenance and management of their video surveillance. Viewmax offers comprehensive Remote Video Support Center (RVSC) service to answer all your questions.

What is off-site storage?

Offsite storage for your video feed means everything your cameras record goes directly to the cloud, where Viewmax stores it for safekeeping.

What is an IP camera?

An internet protocol camera (sometimes called a net camera) is a digital recording device that receives and transmits data using an IP network.

IP Cameras

Ideal for Surveillance Purposes: With properly positioned IP cameras and Viewmax on board, businesses everywhere can monitor their entire property 24/7 from any device. Auto dealerships, retail stores, office buildings, and industrial sites enjoy added peace of mind with around-the-clock visual access.

Perfect for Time-Lapse: IP cameras on site aren’t just important for security; they provide businesses, specifically construction companies, with an impactful visual document of a project’s execution from beginning to end. Google loves content, and the resulting video is perfect for marketing purposes.

Not Technical? No Problem!: Viewmax delivers added confidence with your IP camera setup. We provide video review services, remote maintenance, IT support, training, go-live reporting and more. You’ll be able to check the visual status of your project any time you want.

Does your company provide camera installations or system integrations? We are happy to partner in providing your customers with an easy-to-use cloud infrastructure and customized webpage /camera output.

Our Services

As the “Eyes of the Internet,” Viewmax bolsters your security and time-lapse video efforts. We ensure you aren’t affected by technical difficulties or outdated video technologies. Don’t be left behind. A live, monitored video feed can help any business.

Project Management

Viewmax assists project managers by delivering live monitoring of job sites. You can follow your team’s progress in real-time and provide stakeholders with meaningful status updates. Time-lapse videos of your construction project can also assist with the constructability analysis for future projects.


Live streaming of your cameras’ view is easy with Viewmax! Click on your portal link to watch live video or recorded footage. You control the access! Do you have something to share with your customers? What about security footage with the police? Viewmax offers a cost-effective video-capturing solution.

Managed Video Service

Give your IT team a break! Viewmax is available to answer your technical questions and address any video concerns. Enjoy total control over your video footage. Our secure servers will store your recordings for viewing or editing purposes. Do you have a project that requires some additional customization? If so, we can help.

Post Production Service

Just because you’ve got the footage, that doesn’t mean it’s ready to show. Viewmax can connect you with people who can reduce light fluctuations, stabilize jittery shots, and smooth out the motion.

Systems Description

Viewmax is a cloud-based offsite recording and live/playback viewing solution with a wide range of applications.

The video images from your IP cameras are stored on our secure servers.

Log in to view your video streams from anywhere in the world using the device of your choice.

Get a live view anytime you want and record all the video you need. We offer a range of data-storage subscription plans to suit your needs. Using Viewmax ensures your system will be scalable and flexible in the future.

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