Project Management

Design professionals must consider how a builder will implement a design in order to avoid scheduling problems, delays, and disputes during the construction process. Time lapse videos of your construction project can assist in this constructability analysis for present and future projects.

Dispute Resolution

For long-term construction projects time lapse videos with time-stamped frames allow developers and contractors to accurately review the whole process. This can useful when resolving contractual disputes such as insurance claims or sub-contractor disagreements.

Scientific research

Time lapse video helps scientist increase their understanding and knowledge of natural phenomenon. Viewmax offers a cost effective method of gathering the video streams and collating them for further investigation and analysis.


Timelapse is useful technique for documenting environmental phenomena such as tides, seasons, erosion, deforestation, pollution and biological growth. Time lapse videos can be used for education, monitoring or  environmental impact assessment purposes and accessible from any computer.


Attract visitors to your website. Resorts, travel, sports facilities can gain competitive advantage by adding video content to their web site. With Viewmax its easy to plug in a live or recorded feed that will impress your potential clients.


Viewmax helps time lapse and kinetic artist create content for their creations. Artists looking for a method of recording images to become part of multi-media art prefer Viewmax because of its cost effectiveness and easy of use.

Safety and Security

Stay safe and protect yourself. Viewmax empowers you by providing live or recorded video of at risk locations. Check your home or parking garage from your Smart phone. View recorded images and share them with other people.

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